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Introducing New Blog on

Hello there,

I am going to start blogging on here so you as viewers of my art can get a different perspective over my creations. I am not the greatest at writing but bare with me.

Let us start this first blog on how I got into art?

Growing up museums were not the most entertaining, I don't even remember ever going to the Louvre in Paris. What maybe ever got me started into drawing was doodling. More specifically the way you could build stones stacking on a piece of paper, you know that exercise where you create a upside down U next to one another and on the row above you connect dome to dome. This kind of stuff I could doodle for hours and loved the visual effect it could create. Next I have very few but strong memories of first art class in middle school France. One was that the class was a complete zoo and the teacher was a monk looking short chubby guy. The other memory is that we had access to a few computers where we learned to animate on Gimp. The last memory I have form this class was how we learned to draw a wavy line and from that wavy line drawing parallel lines that could come closer and further from the directional change, creating optically pleasing line waves. This class really stuck with me to this day but art at school in France was a major joke. Next I moved to America and I still remember well the feeling the smell of the class in Bethesda at Walt Whitman. however i cannot recall a single exercise. The one thing that is a highlight is the love and push this teacher gave me to pursue the art further. This women teacher was so excited about me and saw much of my potential that during parent children meeting she told my parents I had a real talent. The next highlight was this time in Ohio at Sycamore High in Cincinnati. I chose to take painting class one year and AP painting the other where I finally first painted in acrylics and oil on a canvas, setup still life learned about the grid proportion cheat and was able see/ compare the artistic skills with my peers. As I know to this day, two of these peers in my class are now still following very artistic careers and have beautiful talent. From there I decided to enroll at DAAP in the Fine arts program to become a real daaper. This first foundation year was a great first year with so much learning from foundation to experimentation. artist lectures and group artistic projects. That year something would drastically change. I eventually somehow got the calling that i wanted to move to Brooklyn and transfer into Pratt Institute.

And here comes an end to my first blog post, stay tuned to read what happens next!

Thank you for reading and I hope you can become a Fan of my art and my artistic career.


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